Every generation we are graced with one “great one” artist and Movement who sweeps the world off it’s feet. in the 70’s we had Hendrix, in the 80’s Michael Jackson proved he’s King, in the 90’s 2Pac Shakur predicted the future and now as we move into 21st century a new legend and Movement is born. Frank Nitty had a vision to develope the new generation and it all started  with YungGritty since the age of 14yrs old  to come into the music game to lead by example  as it established him as the unexpected, unsigned and the undefined voice of our youth, simply put, he is the future right before our very eyes in more ways than 1.

In the streets they call him the Hardest upcoming KID on the Westcoast with a vision in his music but his fans are not limited to the streets alone. Yung Gritty has captured the attention of every mainstream artist that has got a chance to meet and listen to the content in the music he writes as well as the Grittystyle Movement giving back to their communities on a regular basis and It is quite transparent that Yung Gritty and his Grittystyle family is making his mark in the music industry early and they shows no sign of slowing down. 

At the youthful age of 22yrs old Yung Gritty is already a legend in the making and has graced the stage with industry moguls such as The Dogg Pound (Daz &Kurupt), BoneThugs, E40, TooShort, Tyga, Wale, Tech9ne, Sublime, CottonMouthKings Nipsey Hussle, Suga Free, Mack10, Roscoe, Kid Frost, WC, and Badazz just to name a few well know musicians amonst the mainstream hiphop world community  which led YungGritty to be  the only kid who performed at WESTFEST at the nokia, and was the youngest to ever perform at the world famous Cannibus Cup at the Orange show to help create a perspective of just how much of an impact this talented kid is really making in the industry. Keep ur eyes on the Grittystyle Movement this family orientated team has a very bright future ahead of them as they continue to push music with substance, no profanity and something all races can relate to on a visionary level. The new Future of California has arrived and the Grittystyle Movement is a new force to recon with representing that good side of hiphop that has been missing for so long.